Creation Stories CoverAmy Wray Irish’s first book of poetry, Creation Stories, was released in 2008 by Loveland, CO publisher Green Fuse Press.  When Green Fuse closed in 2016, Amy redesigned the book herself and re-released it on Amazon. Check it out here: Creation Stories.  This platform allowed her to include full color art within and still keep the cost of the book low.

In October 2017, Amy published another book on Amazon–Bright as a Glowing Ember, by poet and artist Phyllis Clark. Amy was again able to incorporate visual art throughout the manuscript. Please contact Amy at:  lunablue_girl at if you are interested in learning about
desktop publishing for your own Book Coverwork.

Amy’s second book of poetry, The Nature of the Mother, was released in November 2019 through Turkey Buzzard Press. To order, please email Amy at: lunablue_girl at

Turkey Buzzard Press has published twenty-five other works, including:

  • The Less I Hold, by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
  • To Understand, by Phil Woods
  • The Mysteries, by Kathryn T.S. Bass
  • Cassandra Gifts, by Maria Berardi
  • What Remains, by Jaqueline St. Joan
  • If You Can Still Dance With It, by Michael Adams
  • Eating Totem, by Padma Thornlyre
  • Disassembled Badlands, by John Macker
  • East of Kayenta, by John Nizalowski
  • Bird in Hand, by Janet Glovinsky
  • one feather more, by Hildegard Guttendorfer



Poetry and Performance

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