Poetry Online

Amy has been published both online and in print journals.  Click below to sample some of her work.  

  • Read “Conjugating Verbs after Colorado Burns,” written after the Marshall Fire of 2021, currently the most destructive fire on Colorado record.  Available at TwentyBellows Lit.
  • Read four poems in the April 2022 issue of Bristlecone Magazine, including “The Fabric of the Feminine” inspired by the fabric art ‘Four Purple Velvet Bathrobes’ by artist Beverly Semmes.
  • Read “The Room,” inspired by the poetry of Mark Strand and the art of Edward Hopper, at TwentyBellows Lit.
  • Read “Outrageous as Flowers,” inspired by poems by Jane Kenyon and Mary Oliver, at South Broadway press.

From 2021

  • Read “Wrong Place, Wrong Time,” written after the 3/22/21 shooting in Boulder, CO.  Posted on the Colorado literary hub TwentyBellowsLit.
  • Read “The Beauty of Redundancy,” from the 2021 Progenitor Art and Literary Journal, at Arapahoe Community College.
  • Read “Eve,” from the anthology Thought for Food, at South Broadway Press.

From 2020 and Earlier


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