Poetry Online

Amy has been published both online and in print journals.  Click below to sample some of her work.  

  • Read three poems in the March 2023 issue of Bristlecone Magazine.
  • Read “When the Ladies Tell All” on Boulder Poetry Scene (part of their ‘I LOVE YOUR POEM’ series, selected by poet Kathleen Willard).  Also read Amy’s favorite poem by Kathleen Willard, “Wolf.”
  • Read “El Miembro Marchita (The Withered Limb),” inspired by the painting ‘The Two Fridas’ by Frida Kahlo, at South Broadway Press.

From 2022

  • Read “Conjugating Verbs after Colorado Burns,” written after the Marshall Fire of 2021, currently the most destructive fire on Colorado record.  Available at TwentyBellows Lit.
  • Read four poems in the April 2022 issue of Bristlecone Magazine, including “The Fabric of the Feminine” inspired by the fabric art ‘Four Purple Velvet Bathrobes’ by artist Beverly Semmes.
  • Read “The Room,” inspired by the poetry of Mark Strand and the art of Edward Hopper, at TwentyBellows Lit.
  • Read “Outrageous as Flowers,” inspired by poems by Jane Kenyon and Mary Oliver, at South Broadway press.

From 2021

  • Read “Wrong Place, Wrong Time,” written after the 3/22/21 shooting in Boulder, CO.  Posted on the Colorado literary hub TwentyBellowsLit.
  • Read “The Beauty of Redundancy,” from the 2021 Progenitor Art and Literary Journal, at Arapahoe Community College.
  • Read “Eve,” from the anthology Thought for Food, at South Broadway Press.

From 2020 and Earlier


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