A Prize-Winning Poem

Morning Moon by Amy Wray Irish

Prayer to the Phasing Moon

Dear pale, nocturnal guardian
who safeguards entrance
to the holy valley of the stars

Let me sleep like caterpillar, unmade
of body and adrift in metamorphosis

Let me sleep like winter cottonwood, unmade
of leaves and untethered from the sun

Let me sleep like copperhead, unmade
of skin and slipping from its past

In exchange for new eyes, new limbs,
new self—let me emerge

From your chrysalis embrace
refreshed, bathed clean in your waterfall

Of faint light and star song. Let me sleep
like a stasis traveler through vast space, unmade

Of Earth, drinking your amnesiac nectar
and dreaming only you for a thousand years.

Let me sleep until my pilgrimage of self
ends, and I wake fetal and tender
to completely undreamed-of worlds.
I am happy to announce that my work has been honored by
several state poetry organizations in their annual contests:

  • “Prayer to the Phasing Moon” will be published in Sandcutters, the annual publication of the Arizona State Poetry Society
  • Three poems will be published in Ink to Paper, the annual
    publication of the Indiana State Poetry Society.
  • One poem will be published in Cadence, the annual publication of the Florida State Poetry Society.

In this season of thanksgiving, I am very grateful to have been
selected for awards and publication.
Thank you, poetry community!

3 thoughts on “A Prize-Winning Poem”

  1. For me, this poem is a prayer for wellness, especially physical–to be shed of this troublesome pain-body and, well, all the possibilities your hymn imagines. This poem has medicine.

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