reading tomorrow!

7pm July 2nd at The Mercury Cafe

On July 2nd, come join us at the Mercury Cafe for a celebration of the Thought for Food collection! Doors open at 7pm, performances start at 7:30, there will be readings from many of the poets from the anthology!

Hosted by Emylee Frank & Kali Heals, with performances by:
Ted Vaca
Liza Sparks
Matt Clifford
Hayden Dansky
Bruce Sterling
Patricia McCrystal
Sarah LaRue
Danny Mazur
Shelsea Ochoa
Jane Ripley
Zeta Sage
Irina Bogomolova
Grace Mitchell
John Staughton
Lee Frankel-Goldwater
Dalton Telschow
Liam Max Kelley
Brett Randell
Amy Wray Irish
Ashley Howell Bunn
Chelsea Cook
Caroline Savery
and more!

Event is Free, but please consider making a donation to the Denver Food Rescue. Or buy a copy of the anthology! Proceeds from every purchase go to the nonprofit and its work.

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