Outrageous as flowers and other poems

Check out Amy’s poem “Outrageous as Flowers” on South Broadway Ghost Society’s site. (Be prepared to scroll down, new work is added regularly. Or just read the other amazing work as you go!)

You can also find these poems by Amy online and in publications:
— “The Room” on TwentyBellows Lit
— “Terratoma” in All the Lives I’ve Ever Lived Vol. II, produced by Lighthouse Writers
— “The Freedom Sickness” in Stain’d Magazine Vol. V, The Responsibility Issue
–“The Beauty of Redundancy” in Progenitor Vol. 56, produced by Arapahoe Community College

One thought on “Outrageous as flowers and other poems”

  1. I love the poem, Amy. I read it on FB this morning. I actually did my MFA presentation at Warren Wilson (not the thesis but the class) on Jane Kenyon and peonies… so your poem struck a chord right away.


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