Cover art & upcoming publications

I am excited to present the cover of my forthcoming chapbook, Breathing Fire! Design work is by David Martin of Middle Creek Publishing; original art is by the fantastic Madeleine Dodge. Check out Madeleine’s new work at Space Gallery in the show “Variants of Blue.”

I should have a release date soon…Stay Tuned!

Irish’s poems burn and singe as she attempts to reinvent a way to navigate in a dangerous world.
–Kathleen Willard, author of Cirque & Sky and Incendiary Season

Also this year, I have poems forthcoming in:

coming soon: New chapbook

Amy is honored to announce that Breathing Fire, a new chapbook of her work, has been chosen for publication later this year!

“Quarantine. Racial injustice. Wildfire. Chronic disease and pain…

In these poems, I admire how Amy meets the trials with inventive and creative form and language, inviting the reader into a playground where so much is at stake.”

— Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
author of Hush and Naked for Tea

A haiku & upcoming publications

Moth’s thrumming orbit—
this hummingbird of evening
pollinates the dark

I am honored that the Illinois State Poetry Society has celebrated this poem in its Traditional Haiku competition, and I offer many thanks to this group from my home state. I must admit, I miss the vibrant writing scene and the fantastic writers of Illinois, but not the long winters!

I am also happy to announce that I have poetry forthcoming in the following publications:

  • The Northern Colorado Writers Anthology, winner of the Colorado Book award in 2019. This year’s publication is titled Chirascuro: An Anthology of Virtue and Vice.
  • Spit Poet Zine, an independent voice in Colorado publishing. Past issues of the print publication are available digitally online.
  • MiddleCreek Publishing, in their anthology titled The Mountain. MiddleCreek recently published the poetry chapbooks Hush by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, and Cirque and Sky by Kathleen Willard, which I highly recommend.

Controlled Burn

I am thrilled to be able to share a haunting composition by the incredible Stacy Fahrion (Colorado’s own Whimsically Macabre). Written to accompany my poem Controlled Burn, the song also features talented musicians Maddie Ashman and Daisy Press. I am so grateful to be the inspiration for this work!

Click Here to listen — and prepare to be spellbound.

When you’re done, please check out Whimsically Macabre’s other work on and dive into a “fantastically offbeat world” (which is a familiar, everyday skin for some of us).

Controlled Burn
from “The Nature of the Mother”

When advised to torch
My life’s dry brush
I never thought to find this—
Me up to my knees in the dead.

Acres of decay, and quick to kindle.
I embrace the flames, drive away
Everything that could never be.
Thirsty for the fire. Hungry to let go.

So I burn the dead and any left alive.
Burn wild morning glory, flowers
Tangling and strangling me. Burn the pennyroyal,
Mint-sweet poison, jealously uprooting all others.

Burn it all. The smoke will pass
Soon, I’m told. The ash will settle.
I’ll be able to grow something better
In stronger soil. And so I wait.

But until this desolation clears,
With every breath
I breathe in every mistake I made
And choke.


Composed by Stacy Fahrion in July 2020 for the Arts Letters & Numbers Creative Music Online program.

Daisy Press, improvised voice
Maddie Ashman, cello
Stacy Fahrion, piano

Find out more about Stacy Fahrion here:
View her sheet music here:
Find out more about Daisy Press, a New York-based vocalist, here:
Find out more about Maddie Ashman, a London-based cellist, singer, and guitarist, here:

two new poems online


Opening on October 16th, the art show (Un)Settled will include 51 art pieces and 21 poems — including two by Amy Wray Irish.  If you are unable to travel to Windsor, CO to see the exhibit in person, you can view it online here until Dec. 19.  Amy is excited to have her poems “What I Learned at School” and “The Horse Trainer” included in this provocative collaboration between poetry and art.

Amy’s work is also currently available in the following publications:

  • Stone Gathering (Fall 2020 issue), published by Danielle Dufy Literary.
  • Thought for Food, an anthology of Colorado poets published by South Broadway Press. Purchase a copy here.
  • The Nature of the Mother, Amy’s 2019 chapbook. There are still a few copies left in the first print run, contact Amy at to purchase.

Thought for Food

Now20200722_102111_2_resized Available!

This anthology of Colorado poets— Thought for Food—
is now available to the public. Published by South Broadway Press, proceeds from sales will be donated to the Denver Food Rescue. This non-profit collects food that would otherwise go to waste and distributes to those in need.

In addition to my own work, you will find contributions by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Judyth Hill, Jovan Mays, Mallory McHenry Jr., and Agnes Vojta.

Purchase on Lulu now for $18.

(Please note: if you have never purchased from Lulu before, you will be asked to confirm your address first.  Then you will be taken to the Thought for Food order page.)

New Work to Enjoy!

In addition to her chapbook The Nature of the Mother, you can now read “What To Do During Lockdown” at The Colorado Sun as part of their “Write, On Colorado” series.    Amy is thrilled to be included!Write On, Colorado

What are we supposed to do with all this extra time at home? According to one list of 100 recommendations, we should all learn a language. Consider some unusual languages with “What To Do During Lockdown.”

This fall, Amy’s work will also be included in:

  • Stone Gathering, published by Danielle Dufy Literary. These “portable, affordable, collectible” journals come by mail 5 times a year, and are modestly priced — $10.95 for single issues, $42 for a 1-year subscription, and $80 for a 2-year subscription.
  • Quiet Diamonds 2020, published by Orchard Street Press.  The press has “a reputation for presenting books that are both intellectually-emotionally engaging and aesthetically appealing.”
  • Waving Hands Review, published out of Colorado Northwestern Community College. Read past issues here